001 - piston set


Piston set.  Includes ring set and gudgeon pins.  All sizes available from standard 1250cc to + 0.140 and XPEG 1466 standard to +0.060" Please choose from the drop down box

Please note that our pistons are solid skirt, light weight alloy with modern thin rings.  Not the 'split skirt' original design as offered by other suppliers.

These pistons are the best available for you MG XPAG or XPEG engine.

Ours may be cost more but 'you get what you pay for'.

We also the service of lightening the pistons.  We machine the two side skirts with a large cutter, removing around 15% of the overall weight.

We can also machine cir clip grooves into the pitons so that they can be used with floating pins.