Improved distributor - Electronic


New electronic distributor for the MG T series. (Neg earth)

Based on the 43D model. 

We have these distributors built for us with an improved inner timing cam to improve the XPAG engine running on modern fuels.

The distributor is supplied as a kit containing the new improved distributor with drive gear, performance silicon ignition lead set and performance coil. You will need to flash over your dynamo etc to run negative earth.

By fitting this kit you will see an instant improvement in the smooth idle of your engine as well as a smoother and more progressive delivery of power and performance throughout the rev range.

 As with all electronic distributors, the advantage is in the more accurate timing and dwell settings.  The lack of breaker points means there is no variation on performance and reliability as the points erode or even move!

Also it enables the delivery of a far superior spark achieved by the enhanced coil.  The points distributors cannot run such a powerful coil as it would burn out the contact points.