• Flexible pipe kit for the MG TB, TC, early TD & YA


    TB, TC, early TD & YA

    At last! Flexible oil pipes for the feed to and from the remote oil filter.

    The original solid pipes are prone to cracking with the engine vibrations and are notoriously difficult to make oil tight at the banjo bolt because of the reliance on copper washers & ill fitting pipes.

    These new pipes are manufactured to the highest standards and come complete with four new banjo bolts with ‘Dowty’ washers. These washers have a rubber inner lip which seals against the bolt rather than against the flat surface of the filter housing. As the oil pressure builds it simply pushes the seal harder against the bolt and making the seal even stronger and more oil tight!

    The flexible pipes won’t crack. The new banjo bolts and Dowty washer won’t leak.

    For anyone who has tried to fit the solid pipes and found that they do not line up with the block or filter housing – Flexible pipes. EASY to fit!

    We now stock these pipe kits in black rubber hose.  For those of you that dont want things to be too shiny under the bonnet.