Camshaft - Fast road. Edney profile


New steel billet camshaft.

This camshaft is what we call our sports cam.  It is designed to be fitted to standard road engines to give them increased power and torque. 

It will give a very good power increase between 1500rpm and 4600rpm, far better than the standard cam.

It will allow the engine to rev to 5800rpm with max torque @ 5200 rpm.

It does all this without sacrificing the smooth idle, in fact the idle is improved over that of a standard cam.

The camshaft if similar in design and performance to that of the factory sports camshaft 122 of the day, only this one has been improved further.

We are well known as the XPAG specialists in the MG world and have designed and fitted this cam to all of our standard and sports engines.  It will improve the standard engine and works very well with the standard manifolds and carbs.  However it really shows it benefits when fitted to a flowed cylinder head with compression ratio 9:1 and one of our performance exhausts.

An absolutely gorgeous cam that really does do everything.