Exchange / refurbished con rod set


We offer a reconditioning service for your con-rods.

Often the con-rod becomes twisted over time and use.  You will not be able to see this distortion by eye but if left it will create pressure on one side of the bore, more than the other.  Creating friction and wear.  We check each rod for alignment and rectify accordingly.

Also it is very common to find that the original mas produced and poorly machined con-rods from the 1940 & 50s are out of balance.  By balancing them in total weight as well as end to end we create a perfectly balanced rod that will make the engine idle more smoothly and create less pressures on the engine .

We fit both our improved small end bolt kit and the quality big end bolt kit.

Finally the big is resized and honed to ensure it is true round.  

Please note this is strictly and exchange item.  We will require your rods before we dispatch the reconditioned set of rods.

We can of course carry out all the above work to your own rod if you prefer.

The price stated is for a set of four con-rods