Crankshaft rear seal kit


New rear oil seal conversion kit.  The best!


Please note this kit is for the MG T & Y Types.  It will fit the MG TB, TC, TD, TF, YA & YB. Walseley 4/44 and Morris 10.  

It does not fit an MGA 


Our kits are made to work!  We first started designing and fitting these kits some 15 years ago.  Since then we have made further developments to them to improve them even further.

We have sold over 500 of these kits and fitted in excess of 100 kits to engines within our workshop facilities.  So we know they work.


Our kit is supplied with full and detailed fitting instructions.

One of the most important aspects of the kit, is the inclusion of the ‘speedy sleeve’  this is a stainless steel repair sleeve that simply fits over the rear crankshaft flange.  This allows for a highly polished and smooth surface for the new seal to run on.  These speedy sleeves cost £40.00 alone, but are included in our kit.  Other kits on the market do not include this vital part.


Please be aware that some machining will be required to the rear main bearing cap.  This is fully detailed in the instructions and is easy to do.  We can always carry out this machining for you if it helps.